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Medical Ethics & Legal Medicine 2012

Medical Ethics & Legal Medicine is a 10-Night Western Mediterranean Cruise Conference from Rome, Italy.

Medical Ethics & Legal Medicine covers topics such as:

Regulation of medical practice
emtala, hipaa, licensing, federal mandates, privileging, credentialing, fraud and abuse, impairment issues and criminal negligence Medical ethics & bioethics
professionalism, bioethics, fetal interests, communication, stem cell research, abortion, aid in dying, end of life decisions and assisted suicide Medical liability & malpractice mock trial
medical records and spoliation of evidence, medical negligence, competency, capacity, informed refusal, informed consent, liability in selected specialties and expert medical testimony Law of hospitals, nurses and managed care organizations
liability of mcos, hospital and nursing liability

Medical Ethics & Legal Medicine brings together Physician Assistants, Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Attorneys.


1016 - 4319 USD


No exhibition



Joint International Congress of the American Society of Reproductive Immunology (ASRI) and the European Society of Reproductive Immunology (ESRI) 2012

The event deals with developments in reproductive immunology research including Clinical Implications in Reproductive Immunology, Reproductive Immunology, Immunology of first trimester pregnancy failure, Prenatal Determinants of Health and Diseases, Endocrine Immune Interaction - Male & Femal Hormones and pregnancy, Placental diseases of the second and third trimester pregnancy, Signaltransduction and Reproductive Immunology, Immunology of infectious diseases - Male and Female reproductive tract, T-cell tolerance and programming, Biochemsitry and moleculkar Immunology.

Laryngology 2012

Laryngology is a conference dedicated to research and advances in the Laryngology field of ENT, and covers topics such as:

Swallowing disorders Voice disorders Pediatric laryngology Airway stenosis Early laryngeal malignancies Benign lesions of the larynx Laryngeal and tracheal transplant Vocal cord palsy Advances in Laryngology

The Laryngology brings together senior trainees, otolaryngologists consultants, interventional respiratory physicians, thoracic surgeons, speech and language therapists.

Abstract submission deadline

March 16th, 2012

3rd OneMedForum New York 2012

OneMedForum New York is a conference dedicated to strategic insights on the future of healthcare, life science and medicine including presentations from emerging medical technology companies and insights on reimbursement, regulatory approval, building distribution and sales organizations in both the United States and Europe.

OneMedForum New York brings together executives involved in building the future of healthcare and medicine, investor and healthcare media.


395 - 895 USD



UC Davis Women`s Health Conference 2012

UC Davis Women`s Health Conference is dedicated to clinical and practical information about advances in diagnosis, therapeutic protocols, innovative translational research advances and management that impact women’s health care including information about geriatrics in women, heart disease in women, and other topics in women’s health and general gynecology.

UC Davis Women`s Health Conference brings together nurses, physicians and allied healthcare providers.



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